Eva-Jane O'Donnell

Model, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Gymnast....

Eva-Jane is an enthusiastic, bubbly, friendly and natural 17 year old little girl. She is totally confident both in front of an audience or a camera crew. She takes direction readily, and is always willing to please. She is spontaneous and inventive, yet can easily remember lines and lyrics as required. She enjoys dancing and singing, and is almost never quiet! She loves performing, and will try her hand at anything, usually successfully.


Qualifications and Skills

Physical Details

Height134cm, 4'4" (Jan 2015)
Weight31Kg, 4st 12lb (Feb 2015)
HairFair to Blonde, medium to long, natural curls
EthnicityWhite British


Eva-Jane and her family live in Salford, close to Media City UK, but are available nationally as required.


Spotlight link available on request.


Eva-Jane O'Donnell actor profile.

Direct Contact

Telephone: 0161 876 5381 or 07801 809928 (Parents!)

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